Protection Management

Protection Management

We don't mind the rain

Our water repellents shield against precipitation in all its forms. Buildings and other infrastructure are by nature exposed to weather and outdoor conditions – so providing protection is key to constructing buildings.

If water and dissolved pollutants penetrate surfaces, they can often unleash damaging processes – that could potentially have a negative impact on surface appearance, functionality, and durability.

Moreover, such damage typically comes with a hefty reconstruction price tag. 

Our products prevent these processes by:

  • Significantly reducing water penetration 

  • Improving resistance to frost and de-icing salt

  • Minimizing efflorescence

  • Reducing transport of harmful substances dissolved in water

  • Protecting against corrosion

They are characterized by the ability to create robust defenses against damage from weather and the environment.

Our Protection Management system features a variety of water repellents. These not only protect against the elements, they also guarantee a longer infrastructure life-cycle, and contribute to aesthetic requirements.

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