Curing management

Curing Management


The curing and drying processes of cementitious materials are complex and versatile – and influence the attributes of the final product.

For example, sun, wind, extreme temperatures or insufficient moisture during the curing process can result in suboptimal concrete – negatively impacting its strength and durability. Our Curing Management system includes additives that contribute to ideal curing and drying processes.

Their benefits include:

  • Minimal shrinkage

  • Reduced risk of crack formation 

  • Lower tension on pore structures

  • Reduced water surface tension

  • Enhanced dispersion of solid particles

  • Optimal water content in mortars and concretes

Our portfolio of shrinkage-reducing agents limits the impact of critical effects, such as changes in volume – enhancing the durability of construction components and ensuring they fulfill their defined purpose.

Curing Management for: