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Ensuring stability with our shrinkage reducing agents

Keeping in shape!

Shrinkage describes a volume reduction of cementitious based products due to a change in the water content.

In addition to environmental influences and internal dehydration, chemical/mineral reactions have a major impact on the quality of the final product. Depending on the application area, this volume reduction can play a decisive role in the final product. Therefore, in the case of large-area and thin-layer applications (e.g. floor compound systems) or strong bonding to the substrate, free shrinkage is hampered, resulting in the build-up of internal forces and tensions. These internal tensions can lead to a considerable impairment of the durability and functionality due to the formation of cracks, deformation or damaged bonding to the substrate.

Clean air is essential for a healthy living environment, therefore emissions from construction and insulation materials should be minimal.

With this in mind, Evonik has developed a new generation of SITREN® shrinkage reducing agents. Thanks to their
extremely low VOC content, SITREN® shrinkage reducing agents allow mortars to meet the most stringent eco label requirements such as EMICODE EC1PLUS – and without any dosage restrictions.

Minimize shrinkage – increase durability

Today’s architecture places the highest demands on the aesthetics of construction products. Requirements such as smooth surfaces with high resistance to abrasion are frequently specified for indoor surfaces. The control of shrinkage reduction is
essential to meet these criteria.

Our SITREN® shrinkage reducing agents, developed in close cooperation with the dry mortar industry, stand out ecologically as well as technically. The reduction in the capillary pressure and the stress in the pore structure, results in markedly reduced shrinkage and thus, in the prevention of crack formation.

Application areas:
  • Floor compound systems such as SLU´s, thick flooring and decorative overlays

  • Stucco and plasters (e.g. restoration render and decorative plaster)

  • Skim coats

  • Grouts such as masonry mortar and joint filler

  • Technical grouts

  • Repair mortars

  • Sealing slurries

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