Drymix Air entrainer

Forming air voids and increasing work efficiency

Problems dissolve into thin air

Our air entrainers create stable and homogeneously distributed air voids. Their main purpose is to stabilize the air entrained with the water during mixing. Depending on the requirements, our portfolio of air stabilizing additives can optimize the size, content and distribution of the air voids.

Influencing factors

of air entrainers is not to generate air voids but to stabilize the mechanically entrained air during mixing. Therefore, air void content is dependent on the mixing process and can vary depending on mixing device, mixing duration, time of mixing, temperature and the additives used.

Advantages of synthetically produced air entrainers

There are a variety of different air-entraining agents on the market, consisting of natural active ingredients, synthetic surfactants and mixtures. Our synthetically produced air entrainers do not suffer from quality fluctuations associated with natural active ingredients. They offer consistent quality, are more stable and therefore more reliable. Synthetic air entrainers are characterized by the close correlation between dosage and volume of entrained air. In contrast, air entrainers based on natural active ingredients, when used at higher dosage typically increase the air content in a non linear manner. The increase in efficiency of synthetic air entrainers ensure optimized construction costs and resource efficiency.

Improved workability – higher work efficiency

The everyday example of whipped cream shows: Only the correct quantity of added air ensures a creamy and stable consistency of mixtures.

Air entrainers from the SITREN AirVoid® range provide significantly improved workability combined with increased durability and enable efficient lightweight construction. For example, our air-stabilizing additives enable the creation of mineral systems with an air void content of between 20 and 30%, considerably improving the thermal insulating

Application areas:
  • Indoor and outdoor renders

  • Insulating plaster

  • Restoration render

  • Skim coats or decorative renders

  • Repair mortar

  • Thermal insulation systems (EIFS/ETICS)

  • Lightweight construction

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