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Letting go is easy with our mold release

A marriage doesn’t have to be permanent

Our mold release agents are used in almost all molding processes. Depending on the application, very different demands are made on the release agents to be used.

Appropriate systems that match the general and  working conditions should be selected; this will achieve a dependable and safe mold release procedure.

Our products are readily biodegradable in accordance  
with OECD 301 F/28d and offer an  environmentally friendly alternative to mineral-oil-based systems. Our solvent-free products set the highest standards in the areas of health protection and work safety.

Whether on the construction site, the precast plant or  
in the building materials industry: shaping and molding manufacturing processes are everywhere – and choosing the right mold release agent plays a decisive role. 

High aesthetic standards for concrete surfaces often play a  part in pre-planning procedures designed to avoid visible 
defects. Therefore mold release agents must not impair the  curing process of the fresh concrete. After mold stripping 
takes place, smooth and visually perfect concrete  surfaces must be there for all to see. 

Mold release agents from our SITREN® MR product  range not only deliver outstanding release performance. In addition they prevent concrete discoloration, surface residues and corrosion of metal molds that can also impact on further processing (paints, plasters and other coatings).

In molding processes, the processing timeframe always goes hand-in-hand with economic efficiency. The concrete and the  
mold must separate easily and cleanly, without damaging either the concrete surface or the mold itself. At the same  time, the mold surface must be protected from both the elements and any buildup of contaminants to minimize mold and 
cleaning costs.

Our emulsions not only meet these requirements, they also possess excellent corrosion protection properties for metal  molds. The high active content of our emulsion concentrates enables simple dilutions and a thin-layered and efficient 
coating. Our mold release agents are produced using cutting-edge technology and have excellent storage stability.

Application areas:
  • Onsite and ready-mix concrete  (incl. lightweight and special concrete)

  • Precast concrete elements

  • Concrete products  (e. g. paving stones and concrete blocks)

  • Special concrete (e. g. HPC/UHPC)

  • Architectural concrete

  • Air-entrained concrete

  • Reinforced concrete

  • Prestressed concrete

  • Self-compacting concrete

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