Release Management 

Processes that require formwork and other types of molds are found throughout the construction industry – at building sites, in prefabrication plants, and elsewhere. To ensure a smooth, costefficient process, a reliable separation of the mold from the produced product is the key to success.

To these ends, release agents are deployed to:

  • Reduce molding and cleaning times
  • Protect against corrosion of metallic molds
  • Protect against surface damage to molded elements
  • Ensure safe and easy use

With regards to these factors, it is important to achieve clean separation, without negatively impacting the attributes or appearance of the final product, or disturbing work processes. In addition to meeting all of today’s requirements for mold release agents, our eco-friendly products are sustainable. They are readily bio-degradable and offer a green alternative to mineral-oil-based formulations.

Release Management for: