Formulation Management

Today‘s formulations for the construction industry often consist of a complex combination of a wide range of different raw materials, admixtures and additives.

To meet technical and economic demands placed on modern building products, all components have to be optimally matched, enabling all the "wheels", no matter how small, to engage with one another accurately and reliably. Process or performance additives – perform a wide range of critical functions during manufacture, processing or final product finishing.

The fundamentals of formulation management are the foundation for our extensive product portfolio and our expertise in surface-active substances.

Our additives influence the interaction of the different components within chemical formulations used in the construction industry and as a result improve the efficiency and performance of these systems. Evonik‘s product range offers a wide range of additives that enable our customers to achieve numerous objectives including:

Increased efficiency and compatibility of compounding ingredients

  • Optimized mixing and processing procedures 
  • Improved adhesion properties
  • Increased storage stability

Properties can be adapted within a formulation through the direct addition of additives such as wetting or dispersing  agents; alternatively, individual formulation ingredients such as fillers or pigments can be pre-modified by means of surface treatment, providing them with an optimized property profile within the formulation.