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Admixtures for the drymix industry

Simple and safe processing has been one of the main reasons for the increasing significance of drymix products over many years. With the correct admixtures, outstanding processing properties and excellent product features are no longer mutually exclusive.

These days, there are few construction related activities that don’t in some way involve the use of drymix mortars or other drymix products. These represent one of the main trends in the construction industry.

As a key component of modern construction systems, drymix products contribute to improved energy and resource efficiency for new and existing structures. Further benefits include a reduction in climate-damaging emissions.

In addition to conventional drymix mortars, there is a wide range of specialty drymix products designed for the latest high-performance and cost optimized construction methods. The drymix admixture product range from Evonik has been developed to meet the needs of these high-performance systems.

Our product range guarantees reproducible performance and processing every time – whether for masonry mortars, screeds, renders, tile cements, floor leveling compounds or waterproofing slurries.

To achieve and maintain these performance levels, Evonik uses state-of-the-art methods to develop, test and manufacture highly efficient chemistries which achieve an optimal interaction between diverse mineral substrates. From the very start of the process, every effort is made to use the most natural resource-saving and/or sustainable raw materials possible. Not to mention the avoidance of unnecessary VOC emissions.

Our four management systems in the specialty chemicals sector are a unique feature of Evonik, guaranteeing effective and specific product solutions for the wide range of demands.