Mixed to resist

Additives and active ingrediEnts for the concrete admixture industry

New and highly sophisticated design options make ever-increasing demands on the properties of concrete. Many of these challenges can be overcome with the help of chemical admixtures for the construction industry.

The construction sector is increasingly influenced by megatrends such as a shortage of resources and the impact of climate change. In order to meet the demands of these megatrends there is a growing need to identify and develop chemical additives that provide optimal interaction between the various mineral substrates.

In addition, the following demands are also becoming more prominent in the construction industry:

  • Sustainable socio-economic development (e.g. energy efficiency)
  • A growing demand for architectural structures with an extended lifetime
  • Focus on cost control and increasing the speed of construction - Changing climate and environmental conditions

At Evonik our goal is to help support our customers by developing novel high-performance additives and processing aids to meet these ever growing demands and megatrends.

The Construction industry has developed numerous additives that can be used to influence the properties of artificial stone. But by far, concrete is the building material that is processed in the largest quantities and Evonik’s current Admix portfolio has been developed based on an understanding of the issues encountered both in the production, and processing of concrete.

Suitable for use in both simple concrete, and high quality products such as ultra-high performance concrete, our five unique management systems always provide our customers with a targeted and effective product solution for their respective challenges.