The synthesis of science and the construction industry

Your Interfacial Chemistry Experts

What will tomorrow’s world look like? What technologies can we expect, and what possibilities will they offer? What challenges will the construction industry face in 10 and 20 years? Only those who raise these questions will be able to identify emerging trends and needs in good time, and develop futureproof solutions for their customers.


Our expertise within the world of Construction is based on extensive industry specific experience of interfacial phenomena within the Construction industry.

We offer innovative, tailor-made solutions – particularly in our core competencies: silicones and oleochemicals. And using our diverse range of molecular components, we can design new products for admixtures, mortars and industrial building materials.


Today´s emulsifiers enhance and optimize the dispersion of hydrophobic substances in aqueous mediums.

Wetting agents support the optimum dispersion of liquids on solid surfaces.

Air entrainers create stable air voids in a liquid medium. By contrast, defoamers and deaerators alter the structure of air voids in liquids – allowing air to escape more easily.

Dispersing agents ensure the ideal, homogenous distribution of solid substances, e. g. pigments or filler materials, throughout a liquid matrix.